Dr Wod is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors to help represent and grow our brand!


Mandatory Requirements to Apply:
Must have an active social presence on Instagram

  •     Instagram should be public (unless valid reason is provided)
  •     While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone who has great potential, generally, we are looking for ambassadors with a minimum of 1000 followers
  •     Instagram account must be Crossfit related.

The Perks:

  •     Generouspersonal discount
  •     Friends/Family/Followers discount
  •     Kickback of sales to our website when shared discount code is used
  •     Opportunities to have your photos posted + account shout outs on our social media pages to assist in growing your following


Expectations Monthly Requirements as an Ambassador:
Create brand-related content featuring Dr Wodproducts as well as apparel/gear sold by Dr Wod on your Instagram account

  •          We require at least 8 posts a month (more if you want)
  •          Can be photos or videos (please note Instagram Stories do not count towards the 8 required posts each month)
  •          One of the 8 photos will be a required post that we send out monthly
  •          Must tag @drwodfranceand include these hashtags #drwod #drwodambassador #drwodathlete in the caption of the photo.
  •     You must take clear, quality pictures showcasing Dr Wod products as well as apparel/gear sold by Dr Wod, and agree to the use of your photos across our social media platforms, websites and other advertising purposes
  •     While we understand we are not the only multi-brand distribution company, our hopes are that our Brand Ambassadors are passionate about Dr Wod. With that being said, our Brand Ambassadors cannot represent other athletic apparel companies. Example: Brand Ambassador/receiving a discount code
  •     You must agree not to abuse the discount on purchases. Your personal discount is to be used for yourself and your spouse only
  •     You must be responsive to emails when we are in communication with you
  •     You must review all purchases you make on our website
  •     We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the brand rep does not adhere to all the rules stated above.


If you think that your profile meets our expectations and that you are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the development of our brand in Europe, contact us as soon as possible by replying to this email, answering the following questions:


Last name :

First name:

Age :


Country :

How long have you been practicing Crossfit?

In which box do you train (name, city, country) ?

Instagram account name:

Number of Instagram followers:

Facebook account name:

Number of Facebook followers:

Are you an ambassador for one or more other brands?

If yes, which ones?


Upon receipt of your items, we will reply within 8 days.

Thanking you again for your interest in Dr Wod,

Best regards.