UNBROKEN DESIGNS - "Stars & Stripes" Neoprene Knee Sleeves


Protect your knees and joints while marking your style with Knee Sleeves from the Stars & Stripes range.

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Whether you're doing a WOD that includes weightlifting, running, jumping, or any other motion that will keep your knees loaded or flexed, UNBROKEN DESIGNS Knee Sleeves will be there to ensure the perfect balance of compression, warmth and support for your joints. Made of 7mm thick double-stitched neoprene, they will withstand the most demanding users. Model: STARS & STRIPES. Sizes available: XS (30-32 cm), S (32-34 cm), M (34-36 cm), L (36-38 cm) and XL (38-40 cm). To validate your height, use a tape measure that you wrap around your calf 15 cm below your kneecap. The neoprene sleeve should cover the largest part of your calf. This item is sold in pairs. Available colors: Gray on American flag background. Composition: Neoprene 7mm. About UNBROKEN DESIGNS: UNBROKEN DESIGNS is a leading American brand in the design of support and strengthening accessories for the practice of cross training and weightlifting, combining a high quality with a sought after aesthetic.

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