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We are so excited to introduce the all new EVO FRE, the gateway into the EVO Family. Since its introduction in 2017 the original EVO Speed Rope turned the fitness industry upside down not only by its unparalleled performance but also by its hefty price tag.  Don't get us wrong, it's worth every penny but we realized that not everybody can afford or would be willing to pay that price tag for a high end speed rope.

The price is per pair, with carrying case, WITHOUT CABLE.

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90,83 € tax incl.

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The price is per pair, with carrying case, WITHOUT CABLE.

So, it has been our mission to create a speed rope utilizing the same patented EVO Technology to give people the EVO experience but at a more budget friendly price point. Hence, we give you EVO FRE. Made of a special high-impact polymer the EVO FRE is nearly indestructible and weighs in at 2/3rd the weight of it's bigger brother the EVO G2. The EVO FRE is so light and lighting fast it makes double unders feel effortless.

Holding consistent with the EVO legacy the FRE contains the same thoughtful ergonomics, knurling textured pinch points and customizable traction bands. Each FRE is accompanied by a rugged yet stylish carry case with rapid deployment technology and zippered mesh pocket. Each carry case also includes the FRE velcro patch with room to add more of your favorite patches.

Now is your opportunity to enjoy the EVO experience at a fraction of the cost and make double unders so easy they feel like you're getting them for FRE!


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