JERKFIT - "WODIES" Workout Gloves


WODies, the number one selling workout & weightlifting gloves. Get full palm protection and crucial wrist support in one product.

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Do not rub your open wounds on those unhealthy bars where others have torn their hands, spreading germs! Unlike the low-cost leather versions, the WODIES are made specifically to absorb chalk and sweat that combine for extra grip, without cutting or pinching, and offer "natural slip" on the bar to limit friction. Drop the leather, forget the disposable band, if you want maximum protection, extra comfort with a minimal sensation and by far the most resistant and durable handles on the market, the WODIES are the absolute PREMIUM brand. Try them and you will never want to try a WOD without your pair of Wodies. Make your hands happy! Model: Wodies. Sizes available: S (up to 8.9 cm), M (8.9-10.1 cm), L (10.1-12 cm) and XL (over 12 cm). In order to validate your size, measure from the junction between your wrist and your hand. Open your hand and keep your palm and fingers flat (do not bend your fingers inside or out). Measure from the wrist / hand junction to the base of your middle finger. Take the exact measure, do not round. If you are between 2 sizes, take the larger size. drwod_WODies_HowToMeasure CAUTION: Do not use your Wodies until you are sure you have the right size. Indeed, once the fabric is cut at the fingertips, used or covered with magnesia, you can not return them. Available colors: Black-Red / Black-Blue / Black-Gray / Black-Pink / Black-Camouflage-Green / Black-Camouflage-Gray / Full Camo Green / Full Camo Gray.


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